Karunya Plus KN 333 10-9-2020 Kerala Lottery Result Today


    Karunya Plus Lottery Result TodayKarunya Plus KN 333 10-9-2020: Karunya Plus Lottery is one of the seven weekly lotteries draws of Kerala State Lotteries. This lottery is drawn on Thursday of every week in Kerala. The draw of Lottery starts at 3:00 PM and the official results published at 4:00 PM.

    The ticket is only RS. 30 including GST and the lucky winner will win a huge amount of 80, 00,000. It is said that from now this lottery will be printed in 12 series and each series will include 9 lakh tickets. People can purchase the tickets of the lottery from the official site. The prize of ‘KARUNYA PLUS’ Lottery tickets was Rs 80 lakhs and the consolation prize was RS. 10,000.

    Karunya Plus Result:

    The Kerala Lottery, Karunya Plus result is all set to come out with all crucial details which include, the Lottery winner numbers, Karunya Plus lottery first prize winner, second prize, third prize fourth prize fifth prize, and these all will be available on the official media portal of the Kerala Lottery.

    Winning Numbers for Karunya Plus KN 333 10-9-2020 Lottery


    1st Prize- Rs :80,00,000/ –

    Consolation Prize- Rs. 8,000/ :

    2nd Prize- Rs :10,00,000/-

    3rd Prize- Rs. 1,00,000/-

    For The Tickets Ending With The Following Numbers

    4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/-

    5th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-

    6th Prize- Rs. 500/-

    7th Prize- Rs. 100/-

    Kerala Lotteries, a Kerala government enterprise, will hold the Karunya Plus lottery draw today. So, The Karunya Plus lottery scheme carries a first prize of Rs 80, 00,000, or RS 80 lakh, the first prize awarded to ticket number PR 557383, which was sold at Wayanad district.

    So, second prize of RS 10, 00,000, or RS 10 lakh drawn to ticket number PX 378565, which sold at Kozhikode district. The Kerala lottery result for the Karunya Plus lottery will be released on the official portal of Kerala State Lotteries at keralalotteries.com.

    Third prize of Rs 1 lakh awarded to 12 different tickets sold across the state. The Karunya Plus lottery results will be published online after 4.30 pm by Kerala Lotteries.

    A Brief History of KN Plus Lottery Today:

    The lottery business has flourished in Kerala over the years, it has become the biggest cash cows, drawing thousands of crores to the state. Thanks to this business that hundreds of men and women of various ages have been making out their living by selling tickets. So, More than 1 crore of tickets sold by these ticket sellers.

    So, The vision behind introducing weekly lotteries was to give the common people multiple chances to try their luck and win a huge amount in the lottery. Moreover, The probability to win a prize in the weekly lottery is higher than that of the bumper lottery.

    Every day 25 crores are generated via this business out of which 42% goes to pay out the prize money for each draw while 32% paid out to the agents as the commission, 5% involves the printing cost which eventually leads to the straightaway 20% of the profit. So, This system runs the houses of tens of thousands of people.

    According to a survey, this lottery system is a source of living for more than 2.5 lakh people, and out of this 60% are those who can’t do any other job because of their physical disability or lack of skills.

    Karunya Plus Lottery Today:

    Kerala offers 7 lotteries, one for each day, and one of them is a lottery. So, It draws on every Thursday at Sree Chithira home auditorium, Thiruvananthapuram. Each lottery cost 30 and a total of 1 crore 8 lakh tickets printed in the series of 19 numbers. It is drawn every Thursday at 3:00 PM and results are announced within an hour.
    So, Those who buy the Lottery, Karunya Plus Lottery can check their Official Karunya Plus lottery result on the official media portal.

    Karunya Plus will officially be published in the Kerala Government Gazette. And the public also needs to surrender the winning tickets within 30 days after the prize will be declared.  Prize Money for Lottery Ticket: 

    1st Prize: 80 Lakhs
    2nd Prize: 10 Lakhs.
    Moreover, If the Person misses the draw in the differences in 12 format update of the series. And people can get the consolation prize of Rs. 10,000 on this Kerala Lottery sector. So, there are other 5000 to 100/- draw and sounds like for a RS 30 Karunya plus which can leave a massive impact on over the people.

    Prizes Offered:

    Amount of 80 lakh offered as the prize to the winner. Second prize would be given to the person holding a ticket having its serial number common in all the 12 series. So, Lower prizes offered to consecutive winners are in the slab of 5000, 2000, 1000, 500, and 200.
    Also, consolation prizes granted to the people having tickets with the number. However, which is the same as that of the winning ticket but belongs to different series. Karunya Plus’s series starts from KN.


     The Winning Amount gives the daily draw by Kerala lotteries which is very variant. 

    Also, The winning percentage of each draw as per stipulation made by the government for Kerala. And this one is important and this will appear in the same format.

    Frequently asked questions on Karunya Plus lottery result:
    • Where to Check The Karunya Plus Lottery Result?

    In addition, the Kerala Lottery result can be check from keralalotteries.com official website

    • When Will be Karunya Plus Lottery Result Available?

    So, the Lottery result will be available from 4:00 PM

    • When Kerala is Lottery Karunya Plus Live-Streaming Starting?

    Accordingly, at 3 PM onwards

    • What is The 1st Prize For Karunya Plus?

    In summary, the 1st Prize is RS. 80, 00,000

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